Lesson 4 Example Comprehensive Assignment

EXAMPLE Comprehensive Assignment - No Submission Required

For your comprehensive assignment, you will create a personal journal reflecting on your strengths and challenges in terms of the online learning skills addressed in Lessons 1 through 7. The comprehensive assignment for Lesson 8 requires you to review another classmate’s personal journal and offer suggestions for helping that person overcome his or her online learning skills challenges. You will compile this journal in a student wiki using your institution’s learning management system.

For your Lesson 7 journal entry, reflect on the following questions based on the skills you learned in Lesson 7 (500 words):

  1. Discuss some challenges you may face during exam time. For example, do you get inordinately stressed out, or do you find that you often procrastinate when it comes to studying for exams?
  2. What weaknesses and strengths do you have when it comes to taking exams, and how may these impact your overarching goals?
  3. What techniques will you use to overcome any weaknesses you have?

Journal Entry Grading Rubric