BUonline Fall 2018 to Spring 2022 Cost

BUonline Fall 2018 to Spring 2022 Cost

by Jennifer Cox -
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Brescia University has frozen the undergraduate BUonline tuition and online course fee until spring of 2022! 


BUonline fall 2018 to spring 2022 Cost

Our tuition is $425 a credit hour, so if you take a three hour course, the total tuition cost is $1,275. There is a $150 dollar on-line fee per course and a per semester technology fee of $60. 

                                                Full Time (12 hrs)           Part Time (6 hrs)

Tuition                                     $5,100                                $2,550

On-line Fee                               $600                                     $300

+Technology Fee                         $60                                        $60

Total per Semester                   $5,760*                               $2,910*

(*Plus the cost of books) 

(+Subject to change)                                         


The cost of this program depends on the amount of transfer credit you have and your attendance. You may use our tuition page to estimate your costs:http://online.brescia.edu/admissions/tuition-information/. You may also contact our financial aid department at financial.aid@brescia.edu to assist with estimating your overall costs. Please keep in mind that the financial aid department does not access your information until you have been accepted by Brescia University, completed the FAFSA form, and entered Brescia University’s school code of 001958 on your FAFSA.