The following links can provide more information about topics discussed:

AAC Study Tips: Lecture Notes
This Ohio University Web site provides an online test to help you review your note-taking strengths and weaknesses.

Cornell Notes Slideshow presented by Youtube
This short video demonstrates how to take notes using the Cornell method.

Learning Skills: Note Taking at University
This York University Web site discusses several note-taking techniques.

Study Skills Library: Notetaking Systems
This Cal Poly University Web site provides a variety of resources for study skills, from goal setting to note taking, note-taking tips, and test-taking tips.

Strategies for Success: Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review (SQ3R)
This Alamo College Web site provides further information about SQ3R.

Visual Argument: Graphic Organizers Are Superior to Outlines in Improving Learning from Text by Daniel Robinson and Kenneth Kiewra
This article supports the hypothesis that graphic organizers are more effective for students than outlines are.