You will receive an email to your webmail once the university bookstore opens. Typically, the bookstore opens 1 month before the semester. If you are using a book voucher to purchase your textbooks, make sure you are ordering for the entire semester, not just one module. 

Order your books as early as possible. Please understand that it is essential for you to order your books as quickly as possible.  You do not want to risk delays in shipping or delivery.

Instructions on how to order your books:

1.   Go to:

2.   Book vouchers: If you meet the requirements for a book voucher and are unsure of your eligibility, please email the Cashier at

3.   If you do NOT have a book voucher, you need to click on the button that says “Let’s Get Started.”

4.   You will now come to a screen that says, “Getting Started”

5.   Click the blue button with the down arrow that says “Your Term” – Select The Appropriate Semester.

6.   Next you will see a magnifying glass with a box that says, “Your Course ID.”

7.   You can put in your course code exactly as it is listed on your schedule (Example SW 280OL-1 Intro to Social Work) or search the list.

8.   After you click on the course you want, it will show up with the course start and end date. (See yellow highlight in the below screen shot).

getting started

9.   You will then click on the box that says, “Your Course ID” and input the call letters of another course you are registered for.  You will repeat this process until all of the courses you are registered for during that semester.

10.  You will now click on the button that says, “View Your Materials.”

view your materials

11. You will then see a selection of your book options for each course.  You can select which option you prefer and then click “Add Selected to Cart”

 book example

12. You will now be able to double check that you have ordered the correct books.  PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK that you are ordering the books for the correct course name, number, and section.


13. If you have ordered text books in the past through MBS, then you can checkout as an existing customer, if you are new to MBS, you will need to create an account before you check out.

14. Then pick your payment option and complete your order.

15. If you have any questions, please contact:

i.   Beverly McCandless

     Bookstore Manager

     Phone: 270-686-4255

ii.  Bookstore Hours

     Monday-Thursday: 8am-4pm Central Standard Time

     Friday: 8am-3pm Central Standard Time

iii. MBS Direct Help Line: 1-800-325-3252


 16. If you choose to order your books from another company, make sure that you pay close attention to the ISBN numbers AND BOOK EDITION and note if a new book is required for the course.  Also make sure the book will arrive in time for your course.