Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions



I cannot join the meeting.

1.    Enter the meeting as a guest user by entering your first and last name in the guest field.

2.    Click the help link on the meeting login page. This takes you to the test meeting connection page, where you can verify that your computer meets all necessary requirements. The page will give you further instructions if you do not pass the test.

3.    Make sure your browser’s pop-up blocker is not blocking your meeting window.

4.    You may be using a proxy server. To resolve this in Internet Explorer, select Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab. Then enable the setting “use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections.” Then, clear your cookies, close all browser windows, and attempt to re-enter the meeting.

I cannot hear any audio.

1.    Verify that your computer speakers are turned on and your computer’s volume is set at an audible level.

2.    Check to ensure you have not muted the meeting audio (check that the speaker icon is still green).

I cannot speak in the meeting.

1.    Verify that you have been granted speaking rights (check if the microphone icon appears in you menu bar at the top).

2.    Select the audio setup wizard to determine microphone functionality.

I have been granted rights to speak, but no one can hear me.

If you have trouble sharing your voice, try the following:

1.    Make sure your computer microphone is not muted.

2.    Run through the audio setup wizard. Select Meeting > Audio Setup Wizard. The wizard guides you through five steps to tune your computer for optimal VoIP.

You may have elected to deny the Flash Player access to your computer’s microphone. To verify this, right-click in the meeting window and choose Settings to view your Flash Player settings. Choose Allow in the dialog box.

The host is sharing his or her screen, but it is fuzzy.

If you have trouble seeing a host’s screen, try the following:

1.    Click the Full Screen button on the top of the share pod.

2.    View the full resolution. Go to the pod options menu in the top righthand corner of the pod, and select Change View > Zoom In.

A student dropped from class.

1.    Verify your Internet connection.

2.    Check if the meeting host has closed the meeting.

The audio is echoing.

1.    Verify that you have muted your microphone. 

2.    Check if you have two sessions open at the same time.